I posted this last night in a diary.

I just finished watching Olbermann and Rachel, their thorough demolishing of the sorry human being who is Joe Lieberman, and just had to put this down.

I was one of the people most loudly objecting to the Ned Lamont campaign to primary Joe Lieberman. ?At the time, I felt it was counterproductive. ?At the time, regrettably, I was supporting the Iraq war. ?And at the time, I thought Joe Lieberman would never forget it, and seek revenge.

I was so wrong to support the Iraq war, ever. ?That’s my bad. ?I still think the Ned Lamont campaign was counterproductive, for the reasons I state. ?We’ll have to disagree on that one.

Joe Lieberman doing precisely what I thought he would do after the Ned Lamont campaign – that’s HIS bad. ?I don’t take any consolation in being right about that. ?No, in fact, I can’t believe Lieberman went through with it. ?Least of all, against this president.

Lieberman is exhibiting the most repulsive behavior in all of politics, a behavior that repels average Americans from engaging in their democracy. ?A behavior so transparent, it’s laughably easy to pull out tape to prove it.

And his staff basically admits to Howard Fineman that he’s doing this for revenge. ?This man, who once was our VP nominee, who we all campaigned for in 2000, has let the darkest corners of his soul overcome his own humanity, with proof of it, in real time, every step of the way. ?It is quite a sight.

Some will argue we should take this as a lesson. ?Or we could accept it for what it plainly is – a thoroughly pathetic politician sacrificing the good of our country for the most petty of human emotions. ?Lieberman not only screwed this community, he’s now screwing people like me, who stood up for him during that primary he now wants to price as high as the health of his fellow citizens.

Lieberman is learning that these things do get recorded somewhere. ?Maybe only in media clips, or blog posts, or Senate vote tallies. ?But probably, somewhere Joe Lieberman piously prays to so.. so….how should I put it……”sincerely”, in that place, they are recorded more permanently. ?And in that place, Joe Lieberman will learn the lesson HE needs to learn, unfortunately too late for the Americans whose lives Joe Lieberman plays with like a toy.

The rest of us? ?Listen folks, I argued against that Lamont thing as loud as anyone. ?BUT DON’T YOU DARE AVOID DOING IT AGAIN. ?This community stood up for what was right, when doing so was unpopular, in the most American exercise imaginable. ?Don’t listen to ANYONE who tells you to “learn some lesson”.

The lesson I learned is that this community was CORRECT to go after Joe Lieberman, that this community should be APPLAUDED for doing so, and that this community should continue to look at Democratic primaries as THE PLACE to make sure that the foul rot of Joe Lieberman NEVER has this much control over our political party ever again.

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