The blogging gift that keeps on giving.  Rather than just admit that the Green Party Gubernatorial candidate was incorrect for suggesting that Strickland opposed wind and solar power when in fact the Governor has enacted numerous policies promoting renewable energy technologies and businesses, he goes all in:

Actions, or inactions speak louder than words.” said Spisak. “Ted Strickland can go to all the energy conferences and talk about how he wants to bring wind energy to Ohio, but in reality, his actions as Governor show he is in the pockets of Nuke and Coal Lobbyists here in the Buckeye State.”

Policies like Strickland’s promotion of solar and wind power more than any State that the Green Party has cited in its entirely false suggestion that Strickland opposes clean, renewable energy despite the Strickland’s Administration investment of millions into such renewable alternative energy companies.

The problems is that the Green Party’s own candidate claims no “green energy” success of his own.  Therefore, he doesn’t pass his own criticism:  he, himself is “all talk, no action.”  He criticizes Democrats for supporting “corporate welfare” and opposing “green energy” and yet promises the very kind of direct government assistance to renewable energy companies (despite that it’s corporate welfare) that the Democratic Administration has, in fact, already done.

And that’s the problem with progressives like the Greens.  They constantly want to judge others under standards they themselves don’t live up to.  The Green Party’s gubernatorial candidate actually attacks Strickland for promoting cleaner coal technology, like biofuels, but in his last race for State Representative campaign to make Ohio “less dependent on fossil fuels.”  In other words, some electricity would still be generated by either nuclear and coal had he won.  However, Ted Strickland is in the industries’ pocket because he wouldn’t end Ohio’s use of coal and nuclear power. 

Then, there’s Krikorian apologist Geoffrey Sea who also attacks Strickland because he doesn’t oppose all nuclear and coal power even though Sea uncritically supports a Congressional candidate who ran on a pro-nuclear and “Drill Baby Drill” platform just a year ago.  Such a disconnect cannot be explained. 

Reality check: existing wind and solar power alone cannot meet our electrical needs.  That’s why Spisak campaigned only on reducing, not eliminating fossil fuel use.  So, if you’re going to have to have coal energy, shouldn’t you promote policies to make the burning of coal as environmentally sound as possible?  I wonder if Spisak ever thought of that as he campaigned at the “Pig Iron Street Festival” in Youngstown last year?  You know how all that metal is manufactured for those wind turbines?  Yeah, coal-fueled furnaces (technically, coke-fueled but that’s essentially coal that has already been superheated once already… double the carbon footprint even!)

Whether it’s Strickland or Obama, there’s a host of progressives who are shooting us in the foot by depressing Democratic turnout with false narratives that are no different from Nader’s ’00 claim that there was no material difference between Al Gore and George W. Bush.  It’s leading to the ironic situation that the people that have gotten us into this foreign policy, economic policy, etc. mess could be swept back into power, rewarded by our backbiting progressive brethren.  

Don’t let these progressives help the Republicans by pushing these false narratives without challenging them on it.