We recently surpassed 5,000 posts here at Plunderbund. It’s a meaningless little milestone for the most part but does speak to the strength and consistency of the blog over time. We are, afterall, in our fifth year of bloggy greatness. 😉

Another milestone passed this morning as well. 10,000 comments. Another indication of the interaction among writers and readers here. Somewhat meaningless, yes, but it still speaks to those who engage and comment here and we appreciate it.

Fittingly, the 10,000th comment:

You can support Jennifer Brunner in the Ohio US Senate primary. it’s clear that Dems have their best shot at making sure Lieberman never happens again by being active in primaries. Brunner is the candidate who can win in the fall, and will be a solid progressive vote in the Senate. her opponent fails on both measures, miserably.

A quick note on commenting here (seems like a good enough time to mention). We have a pretty fast and loose policy on allowing all types of comments. We do reserve the right to delete comments we don’t think add to the discussion or are otherwise unacceptable to us. Our blog. Our rules. We allow – and encourage – dissenting opinion and back and forth debate, but we won’t allow things to get out of hand or cross certain lines. You’ll know it when you cross one.

Thanks everyone and happy commenting!