Pan Geller’s typical post over at Atlas Shrugs is a long, rambling mess of multiple topics that usually includes wild accusations and conspiracy theories painfully displayed in randomly colored, underlined and bolded words surrounded by pictures of all shapes and sizes. It looks like the work of a 8 year old web designer from 1998.

So imagine my surprise when I saw this short, distinct, two-sentence post hidden in the middle of her latest mindless drivel:


Due to logistical and scheduling difficulties, we are forced to postpone the Rifqa Rally that had been scheduled for December 22. We will set a new date soon, and will be praying for Rifqa and keeping you informed of new developments.

I’d like to think that Pam has finally taken my advice to heart and has realized she was doing more harm than good to Rifqa and her family. Or at the very least, she cancelled the rally in response to Tim’s promise to expose the rally for what it really is: intolerant, hate-filled, anti-Muslim propaganda.

But the truth is probably much simpler: No one wants to fly to Columbus Ohio 3 days before Christmas to stand out in the cold holding signs. And even if they did, flights are really expensive that week.

Which says something about Pam and her minions dedication to this ’cause’.

For months Pam has been spewing garbage about Rifqa’s life being in danger and how she is being held prisoner by the forces of Islam (i.e. Franklin County Children’s Services).

And yet all it takes for Pam to abandon this young girl is a few “logistical and scheduling difficulties.”

If Pam REALLY believed the garbage she writes – if she really believed Rifqa was being held prisoner and her life was in danger – then she’d already be out here doing whatever is necessary to draw attention to Rifqa’s plight. Even if that means standing by herself out in front of the court house.

God forbid saving someone’s life cause you some minor difficulties.

You’ve just lost any sort of credibility regarding your Rifqa Bary claims, Pam. Maybe now we can all just let her and her family work out their differences and get out with their lives.