A lot of people ask me why I support Jennifer Brunner for US Senate, the answer is simple. ?Courage. ?Brunner says what she’s going to do, then does it. ?She ran for Secretary of State saying she’d clean up our sad electoral processes, she did it. ?Brunner saw an opening for the US Senate, she’s going for it.

Unfortunately, it’s increasingly likely that when Brunner is our nominee, she will be the victim of a statewide Democratic ticket filled with a bunch of opportunistic cowards, backed by a bunch of opportunistic cowards, thus pathetic in the extreme because this state’s Ohio Democratic Party is filled with nothing but opportunistic cowards. ?Exhibit A is Jennifer Garrison.

Garrison is a shameless gay-baiter, neanderthal rabid pro-lifer, to the point of Sarah Palin repulsiveness, and there isn’t a single person within ODP willing to step up and keep her off the statewide ballot. ?Not one. ?Marilyn Brown played us all for a bunch of fools until her cowardice got the better of her. ?Progress Ohio knee capped me WAHMBULANCE! ?May we never hear from her again, which is precisely what Marilyn wants, I’m sure. ?Just keep the paycheck coming in, right Marilyn?

The rest of ODP stands by and lets this cancer of a candidate get on our statewide ballot, assuring the TOTAL CERTAINTY that not a single gay person or pro-choice woman will lift a finger for the ticket, and may even vote for John Husted. ?I’ll never vote for a Republican for as long as I live, but I am certainly not going to be handing out literature with Jennifer Garrison’s face, name, likeness, penumbra or emanation surrounding it, either explicit or implied. ?Never. ?I’m a Democrat. ?Garrison isn’t.

Who could keep Garrison from the ticket? ?Gee, I don’t know, name another random state rep or state senator who could just as easily throw a hat into the ring as Garrison opportunistically did. ?Armond Budish? ?Jay Goyal? ?Chris Redfern? ?Maybe Eric Fingerhut? ?How’s Secretary of State sound, Eric? ?Oh wait….too risky, forgot about that. ? Where’s our congressional delegation? ?Collecting paychecks or sitting on fiefdoms in safe seats, that’s where.

Then there’s Kevin Boyce, who no one has ever heard of, running against the most cynical, game playing little puke in Ohio politics, Josh Mandel and his millions in Republican money. ?Forget that one! ?David Pepper? ?Who? ?Rich Cordray should this minute be sending out resumes to law firms, because Ted Strickland’s jobs record is about to get plastered all over the US Senate primary via Lee Fisher’s opportunism standing in the way of a candidate who can actually win the seat.

The 2010 Ohio Democratic Party ticket is rapidly shaping up to be the biggest, fastest fall from power in my lifetime. ?Chris Redfern could be the only major state party chairman in Ohio history to win for his party the apportionment board, then lose it in a single cycle, before the apportionment board even meets to apportion. ?By this time next year, even Harry Meshel will seem like an upgrade.

My only consolation is that Ohioans are ticket splitters, and will recognize the ODP ticket for what it plainly is, a sorry list of posing preening cowards, while recognizing that one person on it, Jennifer Brunner, will take her courage to the US Senate, make Joe Lieberman irrelevant, and help Barack Obama govern this country. ?It’s a slim hope, I admit. ?But that’s just the optimist in me.