Good. ?Anthony says she’s considering a few things!

The question Hoke must answer is whether or not….

Here’s the deal, Candice. ?The question is whether or not YOU ACTUALLY RUN. ?If you intend to ACTUALLY RUN, you will have more support than you could ever hope for. ?And unless you ACTUALLY RUN, this blogger is going to be silent about your candidacy, however fine a secretary of state you would make, which by the looks of it, could be stellar. ?Could. ?Might. ?Should. ?WHATEVER.

This is one guy who’s sick and tired of being bait and switched by candidates getting into statewide races, then getting out. ?It’s old. ?It’s pathetic. ?It’s particularly pathetic if you start your bait and switch with bloggers, which I’m sure is the next big step in the “thinking process”. ?Here’s your answer, Candice. ?Get out there and walk through that wide open door, it ain’t gettin’ any wider.

[Edited original title and post to correct spelling of Candice’s first name]