Is the 7th Cuyahoga County Council district ripe for a Russo who’s already done his time? ?With Dale Miller’s entry into the 2d District race, I’m beginning to think a lot of big names are looking to make the same jump. ?This likely means it’ll be a crowded ballot in my district, the 7th.

The 7th?includes Cleveland City Council Wards 3 (downtown, Tremont, Ohio City, St. Clair-Superior), 7 (Hough), 8 (Glenville), 9 (University Circle, Little Italy), and 12 (Slavic Village). ?The big elephant in that room is Joe Cimperman in Ward 3. ?His name has been floated constantly for county executive, but with Dale Miller seeing county council as an opportunity, I’m beginning to think Joe Cimperman is looking at the 7th District council seat. ? If Cimperman wants to be mayor someday, this seat is an excellent opportunity for him to expand his city voting base, at no risk of losing his council seat. ?Kind of a no-brainer.

Normally, Cimperman would seem to be a lock on the seat, but the 7th District reaches deep into the east side wards, so the electorate will be largely African American. ?The PD did an analysis of the districts which shows the 7th is 55.6% African American. ?That will be quite a lure for a lot of black candidates – state senator Shirley Smith, state reps Sandra Williams and Robin Belcher, Ward 9 councilmen Kevin Conwell or the other eastside ward councilpeople.

So it looks like the 7th will feature a crowded ballot, a split African American vote, potentially Joe Cimperman, plus the usual gaggle of also-rans. ?Seems like the perfect opportunity for a guy with a last name that works its best magic at the county level to shave a few votes here and there, and be the last guy standing. ?Did I mention that Little Italy is in the district, too?

What do you guys think?