davidbentkowskisevenhillsmayorI wonder who in Cleveland could have possibly searched for “David Bentkowski” on Google today at 4:39pm?

I wonder who in Cleveland could have then navigated to this post:
Republican Seven Hills mayor Dave Bentkowski?s 9 page discussion of his penis size at 4:41 pm?

I wonder who in Cleveland then flagged this comment of mine at 4:43pm?

Hi David Bentkowski!

Since David Bentkowski didn’t know Photoshop existed I’m guessing David Bentkowski also doesn’t understand concepts like SEO, IP addresses, and analytics software. Let me help David Bentkowski out. We see you. We know where you are going and what you are doing. The more you do it, the more we point it out. The more we point it out, the more David Bentkowski is tied to posts like this and comments like the above linked. David Bentkowski needs to start worrying less about flagging comments about David Bentkowski and worry more about his ability to comprehend David Bentkowski political narratives.

PS – When David Bentkowski flags a comment about David Bentkowski I get notified. I’m the guy who made the comment about David Bentkowski. There is no comment secret police that can help David Bentkowski. Maybe David Bentkowski should try dialing 911 next time and explain the situation. I’m sure they’ll help David Bentkowski out as much as the lady who was shorted a chicken nugget in the drive thru.

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