acorn-logoBrian previously posted about findings of an independent investigation which cleared ACORN of institutional wrongdoing. Now a judge has ruled that the government’s attempt to cut off federal funding for the organization was unconstitutional.

NEW YORK ? The U.S. government’s move this fall to cut off funding to ACORN was unconstitutional, a federal judge ruled Friday, handing the embattled group a legal victory.

U.S. District Judge Nina Gershon issued the preliminary injunction against the government, saying it’s in the public’s interest for the organization to continue receiving federal funding.

Big win for ACORN and for American democracy continually under attack by Republican operatives. I also note that the AP report included information about the O’Keefe “undercover sting” videos, but don’t include information from Brian’s last post that they were heavily edited including the addition of substitute voice-overs. Totally in shock that Bizzy and other wingnut bloggers weren’t all over that. I know they consider themselves the Associated Press rapid response team.

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