Here’s the Afghanistan portion of today’s interview with Jennifer Brunner. ?We talked about other stuff, that’ll come next week. ?Some thoughts.

Jennifer clearly seems conflicted about the Afghanistan situation. ?I respect that she’s changed her position, but change her position she did. ?We discussed drones in Pakistan, Al Qaeda, and how Jennifer would vote on funding for the war if Senator. ?We’ll have to agree to disagree on the troop increase announced this month.

Bottom line, I came away supporting Jennifer more than I did before, largely because this discussion occurred. ?This kind of engagement with voters says a lot about a candidate, all of it positive. ?I can’t imagine Lee Fisher even contemplating such a discussion, live online, recorded for Youtube, with any media, let alone bloggers in Ohio, much less bloggers in Ohio who called him out on a policy inconsistency. ?The invitation is open, Lee. ?Not gonna hold my breath.

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