Pam Geller continues to wage her personal Jihad against anything and everything Muslim. And a young Ohio girl and her family continue to be caught in the crossfire.

Pam and her freaksquad of hate-spewing, religiously intolerant fuckwits are planning another rally in Columbus later this month in an attempt to break apart the Bary family simply because the daughter has chosen a different religious path than her Muslim parents.

In Pam’s view, Christians and Muslims – even members of the same family – must be sworn mortal enemies and can never coexist. And anyone who attempts to follow current state and county laws regarding the protection of a minor in the care of the state – everyone from the foster family caring for Rifqa up to Governor Strickland – must be acting in bad faith under Islamic influence.

Fortunately for the Bary family, Franklin County officials have wisely ignored Pam and her slackjawed lackeys and are pursing a reasoned and rational path to resolve this family dispute and help reunite Rifqa with her parents.

However there are other counties in Ohio where the elected officials appear to be failing miserably to provide protection and justice to real victims of abuse.

Last week I wrote about a case in Knox County involving a woman who was sexually abused for years starting at the age of 10 and whose case was not pursued because the county prosecutor failed to present some very compelling evidence to the grand jury.

This week the judge in the case ruled the woman’s new affidavit is without merit and sent it back to the same prosecutor who screwed up the original case and who has indicated he has no interest in pursuing this one.

Pullinsreport posted the latest court documents. I warn you, they are very disturbing and very graphic in describing this long term, sexually abusive relationship.

If Pam really wants to help Ohio’s victims of abuse I urge her to immediately contact the Justice League of Ohio to pledge her support for this Knox county victim and to give the Bary family the privacy they deserve so they can resolve their family dispute together.