I had heard that living a hypocritical, taxpayer funded existence when you’re supposedly a small government conservative Republican caused mental issues. ?But I never thought I’d come across Jon Keeling, former Kasich staffer, current and career long suckling on the government teat, also known as DJ Tablesauce.

It doesn’t behoove the Ohio GOP to reveal in every single thing they do, and in everything their chosen oppo dump blogger writes, that Rob Portman REALLY REALLY wants to run against Lee Fisher instead of Jennifer Brunner. ?But that sure doesn’t stop them.

Your Party estabishment, run by Governor Strickland and Chris Redfern, saw it fit that Lee Fisher be their Party’s Senate nominee. Not with an endorsement, mind you – but with behind the scenes efforts designed to slide the race to Fisher.

This meant Jennifer Brunner wouldn’t have the financial, grassroots, or organizational support afforded to her primary opponent. And it has cost her the race.

Past tense! ?Clever! ?Which is funny, because in a race essentially tied two months before filing day, 6 months before the election, I’d say all that inside baseball has cost Jennifer Brunner precisely nothing. ?But I’m not in Jon Keeling’s time bending, taxpayer money grubbing, if-it-weren’t-for-government-I’d-be-unemployed world of fantasy, so what do I know.

Bottom line – they’re all going in for the kill, now. ?Because they know if Jennifer Brunner files for this primary, she’s the nominee. ?Period.