This reflects everything that annoys me about the Green Party.  They cannot handle any criticism, even when they’re caught red-handed lying about a Democratic incumbent’s record on the environment.  In response to my earlier post pointing out the Green Party’s gubernatorial candidate has been, on multiple occasions, flat out lying in claiming that Strickland doesn’t support wind power when not only has he said he supports it, he’s obtained millions in federal and state funding to promote such technologies in Ohio, the candidate goes back to ProgressOhio and throws a hissy fit:

Dear Plunderbund,

Your Democractic Governor is a consevative [sic in original] who is moving too slow on renewable energies.

1/4 of all electricity to come from clean GREEN Energy?

Why not 1/2, or 3/4, or 100%?

Is it because he is has the coal lobbyists in his back pocket handing him political contributions to continue to add bigger and more pollution-filled coal plants for rural Ohio?

When your Conservative Governor makes a stronger and quicker move to bringing renewable energy, jobs, and industries to Ohio, You can then crow like a rooster.

I’d note a couple of things, Dennis.  First, nowhere on your campaign website, blog, whatever (including in your prior campaigns) have even YOU ever promised to entirely end Ohio’s use of fossil fuels to generate electricity.  You’ve never promised what you criticize Strickland for not doing in his first term.  Heck, you didn’t even acknowledge that Strickland had done anything in his term to promote renewable alternative energy.  You claim he opposes wind power when he’s been securing millions of dollars in funding to promote it in Ohio.  He’s even getting Ohio’s university system in the act of conducting research to develop the next generation of green energy technologies (something that not even you, or your party, ever even thought of proposing).

Again, I’d point out First Energy is converting coal burning plants into biomass plants due to a policy enacted by Governor Strickland.

I’d note that as one of the few elected Greens in Ohio you don’t claim a single achievement in this area.  You don’t claim that you’ve gotten your local school district to even require solar powered calculators in math class, let alone put a solar panel for the building, use geothermal technology for HAVC, LED lights, CFL bulbs, nothing.  And yet, you claim as Governor you’ll be able to total change Ohio’s energy economy.  LMAO. Heck, you don’t even claim your school district RECYCLES because of you.

You sit there and claim that Strickland opposes renewable energy, and then when caught in that lie, you then claim he’s not doing enough.  And yet, you, sir, nor your party have anything, not a single goddamn thing, you can claim you’ve done to make Ohio less reliant on foreign fossil fuels.  Strickland can.

You can scream and moan all you want, but the fact of the matter is that you can’t claim any record of your own to crow about, not one even tiny accomplishment.  And the reality is that for all your crowing about how you’re a real progressive and you’d do better.  You know you are lying.  Because you know that you don’t have the votes in the General Assembly to do what you’re suggesting. If you want to sit at the big kids table, then be prepared to get back what you dish out.

The reality is a vote for you is essentially a vote for John Kasich.  You’re like those Naderites who still cling to that ridiculous notion that the world wouldn’t have been any different if Al Gore had been President instead of George W. Bush.  Except of course, when Ralph Nader claimed that, he at least had a record of achievement on the issues he criticized his opponents on.  You want to convince progressives that Ted Strickland is the enemy and opposes creating green jobs, and you’re willing to flat out lie when he’s done more to promote a green collar economy in Ohio than ANYTHING you’ve even proposed.

You are a politician, a liar (but I repeat myself), and an empty suit strutting on the Ohio political blogsphere ready to throw the first stone in your glass house.  And the second you receive even the the slightest criticism, you preen around more choking everyone with your smugness.