For the past few weeks, every story on the Democratic Senate primary has mentioned that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is hosting a D.C. fundraiser for Lee Fisher as yet another sign of the Fisher campaign’s awesomeness.

And yet, I know I’m not the only Democrat who thinks that Harry Reid’s support has some downside (after all, currently polling shows Reid getting blown out of the water in his re-election campaign next year in Nevada.)? The Fisher campaign’s website conspicuously omits any reference to Senate Majority Leader Reid’s support.

This is the same campaign website that’s been updated to continue to shamelessly promote the endorsement of David Plouffe, even though Plouffe’s company is a paid political consultant to the Fisher campaign.

Have you also noticed that while the Old Media has been quick to point out Fisher’s money and endorsements, they never mention the fact that Fisher has been dropping in the polls while Brunner has been rising?? Funny how the polling in the race started to get ignored the second it stopped favoring Fisher, isn’t it?

But what do I know?? I’m just some unpaid blogger interviewing Jennifer Brunner tomorrow with Eric and Tim on Afghanistan.? Why listen to me?? Clearly, Joe Hallett of the Columbus Dispatch has this whole Democratic Senate primary thing figured out.