There is nothing more useless in our democratic system of government than a Green Party candidate.  I can’t think of a single organization that has been more self-defeating to its goals than the Green Party (well, maybe NAMBLA, but that’s hardly good company.)

Lately, no-shot Green Party gubernatorial candidate has been on a blogsphere tear criticizing Governor Strickland for allegedly not supporting wind power and alternative energy.

In one post, the Green Party’s candidate applauded MA Governor’s for announcing that parties are entering into, but have not reached, an agreement for an utility to purchase electricity from a proposed wind farm.  (In other words, announcing that the parties are considering proposing a deal, in the future, to maybe buy something, in the future, that presently doesn’t even exist yet):

“Here you have a Governor who believes in Wind Turbine power to help energize his state, unlike our own Governor Strickland.” said Dennis Spisak, Green Party Candidate for Ohio Governor. “Ohio needs a governor like Patrick who believes in Green power. I am that candidate. Governor Strickland and John Kasich only give lip service to becoming a renewable enery state. They still believe in dirty coal to bring Ohio out of this energy recession, a move that will not work.” Spisak concluded.

In another post, Spisak again criticized Strickland for supposedly not supporting wind power for the the Great Lakes region.


In a third post within this week, Spisak then attacks Strickland again over wind power while praising California:

“California and even Wyoming announced plans to build wind turbine farms to make gains in renewable energy while Ted Strickland and Ohio stands still.” said Spisak. “We have the land, work force, and facilities to build such farms, but Governor Strickland continues to work with dirty coal plants to fuel Ohio’s Future. This is the wrong direction for the 21st Century.” he added.

PG&E in California has to get 20% of its renewable power on grid by 2010 to meet the California RPS, and has just announced that it has contracted with Iberdrola Renewables, Inc., the U.S. arm of the world?s largest provider of wind power, to purchase and operate a major wind generating plant, to send clean electrons from Kern County?s Tehachapi region to Northern California PG&E customers.

The problem for Spisak is that Governor Strickland supports and has enacted policies to do everything the Green Party claims Strickland opposes.

In 2008, Strickland introduced and signed into law legislation that will require 1/4 of all of electricity generated in Ohio to come from clean “green” energy.

As a result of Strickland’s energy policy, FirstEnergy announced a $12 million project to convert some of their coal-burning plants into the world’s largest biomass in the United States and one of the largest in the world.

In May of this year, Governor Strickland addressed the opening session of the Windpower 2009 conference held by the American Wind Energy Association in which the Governor advocated wind farms all along the Ohio Turnpike region.

Ohio Governor Ted Strickland talks about wind energy in Ohio


On November 30, 2009, Governor Strickland announced $14 million in federal stimulus grant awards to promote the implementation of wind and solar energy technologies in Ohio.  The grant money will fund some 25 wind and solar projects in Ohio.


Governor Strickland, working with the Ohio Board of Regents, has even created nine Centers at Ohio’s universities dedicated to the study and research into the development of advanced green energy technologies.  Governor Strickland made the announcement shortly before hosting thirteen Appalachian States that make up the Appalachian Region Commission (ARC) to discuss changing coal-based economies in the Appalachian region into green collar incubators.


On TUESDAY, the Governor announced another $150 million dollars in state assistance to Ohio’s green collar businesses.  Strickland’s commitment to renewable energy policy has won his accolades throughout the national environmental community

In other words, the Green Party candidate is full of shit, I mean, biofuels.

Ohio has never had a Governor who has even promised, let alone deliver, as much of a commitment to renewable energy has Ted Strickland has achieved in his first-term alone.

One reason Strickland shows such weak support among members of his own parties is due to the very kind of misconception smug, know-nothings like the Green Party say about him.