h81Modern already documented the douchebaggery of one Kris Jordan. It doesn’t stop there. Jeff Wagner appears ready to trump the youngster Kris. He is, afterall, a veteran of douchebaggery it seems:

Rep. Jeff Wagner, R-Sycamore, said his amendment to prohibit insurers from denying coverage for any medical reason was proposed ?tongue-in-cheek.?

?If we?re going to drive the insurance industry out of Ohio, why do it an inch at a time?? said Sycamore. The House tabled his amendment.

So in retaliation for proposing that health insurance companies – you know – COVER HEALTH PROBLEMS, this dick proposes they not deny coverage for any medical reason AS A JOKE.

Ha ha very funny motherfucker. I supposed that in your little skit you don’t have an autistic kid or anyone else in your family with expensive treatments not covered in your health insurance.


Here I thought we paid these companies great sums of money for shits and grins. There’s no nefarious liberal plot here asshat. The reason they make money is to provide coverage. How dare we ask them to!

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