Dear US Senate – please DO NOT break news DURING A CAVS GAME, especially one that goes into overtime, which the Cavs end up LOSING. ?Highly irritating.

Anyway, I like the idea of opening up Medicare to people aged 55-64. ?No brainer, both substantively, and especially politically. ?Unfortunately, I do not fall into that age group. ?This, also highly irritating.

If this is the only form of public option in the final bill, I will be pleased for our party, not so pleased for me. ?And the political calculation for Democrats gets less pretty the younger the electorate, which is BAD. ? I’m guessing the idea is to get people so ginned up about buying into Medicare that over time, that age limit keeps getting pushed lower, from 55 to 45 to…..everybody!

And that’s what will happen if this provision makes it through. ?May take a decade, but eventually, we will all have the option of buying into Medicare when we want to. ?And that will be the end of Republican conservatism as we know it.

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