So, the Fisher campaign insists that David Plouffe’s endorsement has absolutely NOTHING to do with the fact that his political consultancy campaign is on the campaign’s massive payroll in what (if Fisher is the nominee) would be a major national race next year.  From the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

“That’s ridiculous,” AKPD partner John Del Cecato told The Plain Dealer about the suggestion from some that Plouffe’s endorsement grew from the firm’s work for Fisher. “David Plouffe is something of a Democratic luminary, and from time to time he chooses to weigh in on the campaigns that he sees as the most important in the country. That’s what he did in this case.”

Said Fisher spokesman Isaac Baker, “David Plouffe endorsed Lee Fisher solely because he knows that he’s the best candidate for Senate” in Ohio, “and we’re delighted to have his support.”

(Isn’t this yet another new spokeman for the Fisher campaign?)

Except, of course, back in April the Fisher campaign was more than happy to convince the Plain Dealer that Plouffe’s relationship to AKPD was evidence of the strength of Fisher’s campaign staff. 

Funny how things change once you want to tout your campaign consultancy firm’s endorsement.

By the way, you know who HASN’T endorsed Fisher?  The guy AKPD, Axelrod, and Plouffe got elected President.

Let’s review:  After embarrassing a senior columnist for the Dispatch, the Fisher campaign furthers the absurdity of this sham of an endorsement by trying to insist that what they said back in April doesn’t matter now.  This after the Fisher campaign embarrassed a columnist for the Plain Dealer by getting caught dumping oppo research on the Brunner campaign and having him conflate a stale tax story into a “major story”– until it turned out that the entire story was baseless and instead seemed to strongly indicate that a government agency was targeting someone for political purposes.

Who’s next?  DDN? ABJ? Toledo BladeCincinnati Enquirer?  I can’t wait.  Fisher might not even make it out of the primary without burning every major daily in Ohio at this rate.