From the daily archives: Wednesday, December 9, 2009

So, the Fisher campaign insists that David Plouffe’s endorsement has absolutely NOTHING to do with the fact that his political consultancy campaign is on the campaign’s massive payroll in what (if Fisher is the nominee) would be a major national race next year.  From the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

“That’s ridiculous,” AKPD partner John Del Cecato told The Plain Dealer about the suggestion from some that Plouffe’s endorsement grew from the firm’s work for Fisher. “David Plouffe is something of a Democratic luminary, and from time to time he chooses to weigh in on the campaigns that he […]

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Joe Hallett once wrote a column that implicitly accused me of engaging in hate speech by suggesting that I had written about an Ohio Democratic operative’s sexual orientation as a means of a personal attack.? Of course, Hallett’s column carried the charge without citing anything I actually said.? In reality, the post in question didn’t discuss anyone’s sexual orientation at all.? Second, Hallett never bothered to contact me about his column.? Then, he refused to return my phone call or my e-mails requesting a correction.

So, it’s no surprise to see Hallett willfully being played, yet again, for the purposes […]

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Modern already documented the douchebaggery of one Kris Jordan. It doesn’t stop there. Jeff Wagner appears ready to trump the youngster Kris. He is, afterall, a veteran of douchebaggery it seems:

Rep. Jeff Wagner, R-Sycamore, said his amendment to prohibit insurers from denying coverage for any medical reason was proposed ?tongue-in-cheek.?

?If we?re going to drive the insurance industry out of Ohio, why do it an inch at a time?? said Sycamore. The House tabled his amendment.

So in retaliation for proposing that health insurance companies – you know – COVER HEALTH PROBLEMS, this dick proposes they […]

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This has to be game over for Jennifer Brunner. ?Joining the courageous paid staff of Lee Fisher, including consultant Alan Melamed, campaign manager Geri Prado, even Lee’s own driver, and most courageous of all, Lee Fisher’s campaign consulting firm’s top partner David Plouffe – is the actual currency in Lee Fisher’s bank account. ?Every penny has endorsed Lee Fisher for US Senate.

“I’m gratified beyond words,” said Lee Fisher, standing in his campaign office surrounded by dollar bills applauding in unison. ?”I know how hard it is to put your money where your mouth is,” said […]

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The incredible flood of Lee Fisher staff endorsing Lee Fisher got probably the biggest “get” of all time. ?Lee’s own driver.

“I’m not the first driver for Lee Fisher, won’t be the last, but I’m probably the first Lee Fisher driver to endorse Lee Fisher, ever”, said the driver who requested anonymity. ?”Yes, Lee is the meanest person I’ve ever met, but when I saw David Plouffe make the brave move of endorsing his own client, I simply had to follow my heart. ?Even though I get paid next to nothing.”

More to come.

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All that fundraising is starting to pay off for Lee Fisher. ?Alan Melamed, who may be the highest paid member of Lee Fisher’s staff, finally got off the fence.

“This was a tough call,” said Melamed, who is currently paying for his third home in Palm Beach on Lee Fisher’s dime. ?”But the time has come. ?I bravely join David Plouffe, and Geri Prado in fully endorsing Lee Fisher. ?I’m working on the rest of the staff, but it’s a personal decision.”

Stay tuned!

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The growing list of members of the Lee Fisher campaign staff payroll who bravely endorse Lee Fisher is campaign manager Geri Prado!

“I fully endorse the signer of my paycheck,” said Prado. ?”It’s a big paycheck, and very full of money! ?Not as big as David Plouffe’s, but hey, it’s a living.”

More to come, stay tuned.

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Someone over at the Fisher camp really needs to take some medication for the whole “endorsement” press release twitch. ?Anthony notices that David Plouffe, superstar of the Obama campaign, really isn’t all that much of an endorsement.

What the CNN article fails to mention is Plouffe’s consulting firm, AKPD Message and Media is one of Fisher’s consultants. So, while Plouffe certainly has star appeal, he also has obvious motives for supporting his own client. I don’t have any problem with Fisher’s campaign using him this way. What’s sad is the reporting that […]

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I guess I owe the married people an apology – I’m sorry for calling the entire institution of marriage “idiotic”. ?Really, I am. ?What I meant to say is that in most cases like Tiger Woods’, marriage is idiotic.

On the whole, society’s marriage obsession is…hmm… about ridiculous? I’ve seen more hurt and pain caused by marriage, the perpetuation of bad marriages, and the instinct to enter into marriage, than just about any human endeavor has ever caused aside from religion, which wins the gold medal. ?It is a hopelessly flawed model – it essentially asks human beings to commit […]

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Just a programming note to let everyone know that we have worked out a time to have Jennifer come on to discuss her campaign and specifically her position on Afghanistan and answer questions we have about her shift in positions as previously blogged about here at PB.

Friday, December 11th at 11am

The Plundercrew will be in Columbus and our plan is to stream the talk live. More details to come on that. We hope you’ll join us.

The discussion will center around Afghanistan, but feel free to put questions to Jennifer in the comments here. […]

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Fear and Loathing in Minnesota

On December 9, 2009 By

Michele Bachmann is asked why she elicits so much outrage and loathing among liberals:

“I don’t know. I’m a lovable little fuzz ball! I have no idea what they would have to fear. I guess you would have to ask them; they would have the better answer to your question. I am doing my job. That’s what I was elected to do. I don’t fear the left, and maybe that’s part of the loathing that they feel toward me. I’m not afraid to speak out on conservative positions and on issues. We’re a deep-blue state, we’re a strong liberal, […]

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