OK, so it’s clear my football season is winding down in a very disappointing way. My Steelers have had yet another disappointing season after a Super Bowl win. Somebody call me the wahmbulance! I’m going to have to pull out the silver polish and lean on the past again by polishing up the 6 Lombardi trophies. Still a (very) outside chance we make the playoffs, but I don’t see it.

So…on to college hoops! Just in time is this rendition of the Kentucky Wildcats. They are currently 8-0, ranked #4, and coming off a win against last year’s national champion North Carolina. One big reason, in addition to returning Junior Patrick Patterson, is super freshman John Wall. The kid is a certifiable freak of nature. Absolute stud of a player who already has NBA teams salivating for his services. Calipari has already turned the program around in stunning speed. This could be one hell of a fun year.

Ladies and gentlemen. Heeeeeere’s Johnnie:

“Simply electrifying…the ability to finish with both hands, and if he’s got defenders backpedaling Ian IT IS OVER. YOU HEAR ME? If you are backpedaling trying to defend this guy forget about it.” – Clark Kellog

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