Kenneth Biros is to be put to death today using a new single injection method. The new method was developed after the botched execution of Romell Broom in September.

I post this not to get in to any big debate about the death penalty. I’m against it. I understand this to be a minority position and accept that. It makes me sad that we as a society take this position, but it is what it is.

I wanted to highlight this to point out the sheer hypocrisy among those who would comment on stories like Broom and Biros with comments like “kill the bastard”, “eye for an eye”, and “it’s about time. we should have used a .22”.

These are the same types of people who jump up and down about Sharia Law and stories from Pakistan where a person who throws acid on someone is sentenced to have acid thrown into his eyes as punishment.

It doesn’t make us any better than they and it lessens us overall. I can’t imagine a single family member walking out after having viewed the death of another human being feeling good about it. If they do, there is a deeper emptiness than they wanted to admit.

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