I’m having one hell of a rotten month, so this game we’ve been playing with the Brunner campaign is supremely ill-timed.? But I’m gonna take something positive from it.? WARNING – inside blog drama below.

It was almost exactly four years ago that I and other bloggers reported – that’s right, reported – on another US Senate candidate’s public words, after which said US Senate candidate sent a brigade of anonymous commenting goons out to destroy the messengers, plural.? On that occasion, the reporting wasn’t even about a policy position.? It was about total idiocy.? There was no engagement from the candidate, just an all hands on deck, vicious scorched earth campaign of madness.? It’s well remembered, I don’t need to link to it here.

Four years later, Jennifer Brunner’s words have led to a legitimate policy question about her position on a fundamental issue of US foreign policy, on which as Senator she will be required to vote, repeatedly.? That inconsistency is indisputable.? And what was Jennifer Brunner’s response?

Jennifer Brunner immediately contacted all of us here at Plunderbund to engage on the topic.? Not a few days later, within hours.? Not at our suggestion, at her own.

Start taking notes, people.

Setting up this discussion has not gone smoothly, at all.? In fact, the whole thing is really starting to become tiresome.? However, we as bloggers here at Plunderbund have something of a duty to make this discussion happen.? We are the ones objecting to the inconsistency, pointing it out, and looking for answers.? But it is a rare candidate indeed who runs toward the inconsistency, not away from it.? If we can get those answers, us bloggers should do all we can to get them.

What the US Senate candidate 4 years ago did not understand is that in this new world of authenticity driven politics, enforced by the internet, there is far more upside to dealing transparently with such matters than there is in ignoring them.? And there’s precisely zero upside, for all involved, in reacting defensively, becoming aggressive, and killing the messenger.

As of this post, the only response we’ve had from the Brunner campaign has been sincere (albeit clumsy) attempts to engage us on the topic.? That is an unmitigated piece of good news, indeed.? And it has not gone unappreciated.? Whatever the result of the policy discussion or the scheduling nonsense, as of right now, I’m more than impressed with Jennifer’s response.? Let’s hope we can get this done.

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