PD’s been on top of this story, good for them.

A passerby reported the building ablaze at 5:30 a.m. Sunday. Fire officials said Monday they are still seeking the cause but that, so far, nothing appears suspicious.

Dixon is not so sure. His alarm company notified him of something amiss before dawn and he drove to the restaurant with his wife and son.

“When I turned the corner, I knew it was gone,” he said. “I watched it burn.”

He said he noticed that glass was shattered on a side door. Maybe the force of the fire blew it out, he said. Maybe someone broke in. “There’s always threats in this business,” Dixon said, “usually for something small.”

I’d rather not speculate here, but there is no better time for an arsonist to make sure a building goes down than pre-dawn on a Sunday morning.?? I do like hearing this from George, who was incredibly gracious to me on election night as I live-blogged from the place.

Dixon, his face resolute, said those good times will return. “Same location, same name,” he vowed. “There’s too much history.”

If George pulls this off, it would be quite the destination.

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