This is the kind of common sense reform we expect from a Democratic Administration– encourage the unemployed to get an education by not letting their full-time student status jeopardize their unemployment benefits

?This change in eligibility will help eliminate obstacles and open doors, just when Ohio?s unemployed workers need it most,? said ODJFS Director Douglas Lumpkin. ?It will allow unemployed Ohioans to get the skills and training they need, in the industries that need them, so they can make a better future for their families.?

Additionally, the Obama Administration is permitting UC claimants to receive special consideration for financial aid to pay for job training or education. These unemployed workers may be eligible for federal Pell Grants, which provide need-based aid to low-income students to help cover education and training expenses.

Pell Grants are accepted at most universities and community colleges as well as many trade and technical schools and adult career centers. They are available to full- or part-time students who do not have an associate?s or bachelor?s degree.

“Providing affordable options to Ohioans for education is one of the state’s top priorities,” said Chancellor Fingerhut. “Helping unemployed workers access the skills and education they need for a good-paying job will not only improve the lives of Ohioans, but it will further Ohio’s goal of creating the most competitive workforce in the world.”