This is the kind of common sense reform we expect from a Democratic Administration– encourage the unemployed to get an education by not letting their full-time student status jeopardize their unemployment benefits

?This change in eligibility will help eliminate obstacles and open doors, just when Ohio?s unemployed workers need it most,? said ODJFS Director Douglas Lumpkin. ?It will allow unemployed Ohioans to get the skills and training they need, in the industries that need them, so they can make a better future for their families.?

Additionally, the Obama Administration is permitting UC claimants to receive special consideration for financial aid to pay for job training or education. These unemployed workers may be eligible for federal Pell Grants, which provide need-based aid to low-income students to help cover education and training expenses.

Pell Grants are accepted at most universities and community colleges as well as many trade and technical schools and adult career centers. They are available to full- or part-time students who do not have an associate?s or bachelor?s degree.

“Providing affordable options to Ohioans for education is one of the state’s top priorities,” said Chancellor Fingerhut. “Helping unemployed workers access the skills and education they need for a good-paying job will not only improve the lives of Ohioans, but it will further Ohio’s goal of creating the most competitive workforce in the world.”

  • freeloaders

  • Wait. What school do you go to Matt?

  • I'm debating the policy. Not going to allow you to make it personal.

    Pel grants and cheap money make college more expensive. And Strickland's proposal actually discourages work.

  • modernesquire

    The same argument would apply to Ohio's land-grant colleges like The Ohio State University, which I believe you graduated from? It doesn't discourage work, it encourages people to become better educated thus leading to a better trained, educated labor force. Also, such a policy could encourage people to get the education they need to feel confident, say, opening their own business.

    Don't you think an educated labor market is necessary in an IT economy?

  • No. This is an expansion of the welfare state… treating people like vegetables… sticking a tube in them and keeping them locked in a cycle of dependency while spending a lifetime voting for Democrats.

    The more a state spends on higher education, the worse off they are… Read Richard Vedder. And regardless, this type of social engineering and giving people incentives to stay out of the job market is immoral.

  • Come on Matt. Where did you/do you go to school and how much of my taxpayer money did these schools receive? Walk the talk, buddy. Pony up!

  • LOL. Still waiting on those school disclosures Matt. I'm dying to know to what tune we are all subsidizing your education – where we are obviously not getting a return. Fucking hypocrit.

  • OSU. Modern esquire's question was perfectly reasonable. But my goodness, you are an ass.

  • freeloader.

  • Archie45

    OSU = socialized education.

    I hope your enjoyed being taught by a bunch of bureacrats, as opposed to a private education like that at Capital or Ohio Wesleyan.

  • that makes Naugle a socialist!!!!

  • modernesquire

    Well, it's more than just going to a public school (getting tax subsidized tuition), but he probably also got the Ohio Instructional Grant. I have no idea how he might have paid for grad school, but law school for me wasn't possible without the fact that I could go to a well-respected state school and financial aid.

    Vedder's criticism is inherently contradicted by his own Ohio University and the experience he should have been keenly able to observe in Ohio. For a decade, Ohio Republican Governors demanded that schools “do more with less” in state funding. The result was skyrocketing tuition at rates highest in the nation to the point that most Ohio high school students can get a more affordable, quality education as an out-of-state student elsewhere than at an Ohio college. Thus, leading, in part, to Ohio's “brain drain.”

    And yet, when we get a Democratic Governor who commits to improving funding for higher education, we see tuition freeze. Almost entirely opposite of the economic phenom. that he claims.

    I'm not sure what to say about tubes. Maybe that was a Buckeye business school thing. At Miami, we just got J Crew catalogues in the mail.

  • modernesquire

    How do temporary benefits like unemployment and financial aid cause a cycle of dependency? With the national economy having an unemployment rate at least 2.5 times the “natural” rate, it takes balls to call someone unemployed wanting to get an education to improve their value in the labor market a “freeloader.”

  • The term “brain drain” refers to college graduates leaving Ohio AFTER they graduate. Why? Because Republicans and Ted Strickland have made Ohio a difficult place to do business.

    Vedder's observations are of an OU with out of control tuition and spending.

    Tuition freezes are bad policy. They create an artificial demand and do nothing about supply. The real way to get tuition lower is to have loans only made by private banks, eliminate pel grants, and privatize schools.

    Charles Murray is correct to argue there are far too many people in college… and very few 18 year olds are actually cut out for serious, college level material.

  • Is “free rider” more polite?

  • Here's how this works. You don't get to come here and leave snide little drive by comments and expect to be treated with any amount of respect. Especially since your history is one of gutter level blogging and email threats to run people over with your truck.

    Think I'm an ass? Fuck off. Go away. Nobody gives a shit if you read this blog and we for damn sure won't care if you don't comment. You don't deserve polite.

  • scottpullins

    I thought that we were all socialists now after the GOP TARP and the Dem stimulus package. 🙂

  • scottpullins

    I thought that we were all socialists now after the GOP TARP and the Dem stimulus package. 🙂

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