It’s sad to hear someone in our Ohio political blogging community struck with not one, but TWO mentally degrading diseases.  How long has Sisk being keeping his health a secret?  Does his family know? I’m not a doctor, nor do I know if anyone with a medical degree has diagnosed Sisk with partisan/ideological induced dementia, but the evidence from his site is clear:

I believe Ohio, as I’ve said, has everything that is needed to be an economic success story,” he said. “All we need is a little more time to put all the pieces together.”

Can you believe this guy???

He has got a lot of chutzpah I’ll give him that.

“All we need is a little more time to put all the pieces together.”


Yes, imagine the nerve of a first-term Democratic Governor suggesting that in the midst of one of the biggest global economic collapses in modern history that it’s going to take time for Ohio to recover, especially after 16 years of GOP rule.

Yeah, the balls on that guy.  Of course, this means he’s going to raise taxes after ’10?  What, you don’t see that?  Well, that’s because you don’t suffer from the same partisan mental illness as Sisk does.  How insensitive of you, jerk.

But Sisk Disease is worse than just that.  It’s actually compounded with Kasich-inspired amnesia.  It’s a one-two punch.  You see, conservatives love to make the case that Strickland MUST be hiding a secret plan to raise taxes because his last budget relied on one-time money like the federal stimulus money.  And yet, these poor conservatives support John Kasich, a myopic ideologue who proposes repealing Ohio’s income and estate taxes.  A move that would remove over 40% of the State’s revenues– substantially more of the State’s revenues that what Strickland’s budget relies on one-time money to do.

And yet, despite the fact that Kasich’s plan to balance such a budget is “secret,” he doesn’t get the same suspicion as Strickland does, even though Kasich’s self-induced budget problem is billions more than what the conservatives make of Strickland’s budget.

There is no way Kasich pays for his tax cuts without socking it to the middle class and small business with an increase in property and sales taxes.  He’s not going to lighten your tax burden, he’s just going to shift it around some. And yet, none of these conservatives can see that.  It’s almost as if they DON’T want to see it, the poor bastards.

And yet, Strickland is a S.O.B. because he believes if given time, his policies promoting new energy technologies and a thorough dedication to creating a highly education labor market in Ohio are the keys to building a better economy.  Crazy right?

Won’t you help fund research to cure Strickland Derangement Syndrome/Kasich-inspired amnesia (“Sisk Disease”)?  The next one afflicted could be a conservative you know and love…