Kyle Sisk is the first conservative blogger to admit that the entire candidacy of John Kasich for Governor is about hiding one fact: that for all his promises to repeal taxes, not only will John Kasich not do that, but he’ll raise taxes instead.

Given Sisk’s recent history of scrubbing his website when he realizes the import of his post is counterproductive, here’s the screenshot:


Meanwhile, it’s Strickland’s public construction contract and sentencing reforms that are the structural reforms that the Senate GOP has adopted as their own (both were originally introduced in the Governor’s budget.)

It’s nice to finally see a conservative honestly admit that the entire platform of the Kasich for Governor campaign is a sham solely designed to dupe conservatives to believe that a vote for Kasich is a vote to repeal, not raise, taxes.? You’re right, Kyle, I understand exactly why the Kasich campaign would want to keep that quiet.

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