We’ve nailed down a BlogTalk interview with Jennifer Brunner for tomorrow, 10 am, right here at Plunderbund.? For the record, this interview was at the Brunner campaign’s request, in response to this post noting that Jennifer Brunner supported Barack Obama’s increase in troops to Afghanistan in February, which she now opposes.

This Saturday, just before midnight, Brunner campaign blogger Jeff Coryell wandered into a day and a half old Kos diary to leave a lonely comment defending the flip flop.? This morning, Plunderbund’s Modern Esquire forensically demolishes Coryell’s logically challenged, strained to the point of absurdity, apologia.? I don’t have much to add to Modern’s post, other than that I agree with it in full, and the following.

When I was running campaigns for a living, if I had one rule that was never to be challenged, it was that campaign staff do not publicly freelance their opinion about the candidate’s campaign, on any issue, to any media, ever.? Once you take the paycheck, your mouth is to be shut, unless the campaign tells you to open it.? Period.? So the question of whether Jeff is speaking for the campaign in his comments defending Brunner’s Afghanistan flip flop is closed – Jeff is speaking for the campaign.? It’s incumbent upon the candidate to decide whether Jeff is off the reservation or not.? Uncomfortable?? Yes – and that’s why I had that rule when I ran campaigns for a living.

Join us tomorrow morning, 10am at Plunderbund, to hear the interview.? I’ve cross-posted this at DailyKos.

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