davidbentkowskisevenhillsmayorMike McIntyre of the PD has himself one of the finest emails of all time – a dissertation on the size of Republican Mayor Dave Bentkowski’s penis – written by Dave Bentkowski, Republican mayor of Seven Hills – about his own penis.


Republican mayor of Cleveland suburb Seven Hills, David Bentkowski, has written a NINE PAGE EMAIL DISSERTATION about the SIZE OF HIS OWN PENIS.? One small excerpt.

The commentary started out with people labeling me as a farm animal such as a donkey or a horse.


  • omglol. cannot do this comment justice on my phone. more later…

  • OK. Back to this from the laptop. A few questions spring immediately to mind:

    Does the Superman photo not exist anymore? This, of course, must be found and posted.

    Should we elect someone for public office who is not aware of the software program Photoshop and what people are able to do with it on the Intertubes?

    I think I have at least a couple of years on this guy and yet he comes off sounding like former Senator Ted Stevens. I'm surprised he didn't lament the series of tubes that enabled people to mock him incessantly.

    Labeling him as a farm animal such as a donkey or horse? Who is this dude, Caitlin Upton?

    …I'm still on page 2 of 9 here!

    People actually file police reports about the mail they get? I need to consider this the next time Tiberi sends me some crap. I'm calling the police.

    I'm struck at the irony of a guy complaining about rumors of his being well endowed. I had never considered this being a problem. Pain and suffering? LOL

    Is this guy really admitting to spending countless hours reading blogs and flagging in appropriate content? Dude. Chris Redfern called. He wants his job back.

    I gotta agree with him on the nature of the Cleveland.com forum cesspool. It's pretty bad.

    Occurs to me on page 4. Is this dude related to Dave Hickman in anyway? His letter comes off as Hickman without the insanity and ransom note grammar and syntax.

    Mr. Mayor gets a resounding F+ in the damage control lesson from Politics 101. He seriously thought measuring his penis and writing a chapter in a book about it was going to stop people from mocking him using a photo of him dressed up like Superman with a big penis? Unreal.

    Pages 7, 8, and 9 were like blah blah blah.

    He seriously copied 4 people on this crap? ROFL

  • jeffhess

    Shalom Tim,

    The email reads to me like Mayor Bentkowski has a legitimate (no pun intended) beef.

    Is there anything in his letter that, to the best of your knowledge, is untrue?

    Are there 0ther circumstances not mentioned in your post or in Bentkowski's email that in any way illuminate his situation?

    You, more than anyone here, should have sympathy for the anonymous slinging of mud.



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  • Shalom Eric,

    Why do we care about Mayor Bentkowski?

    Seriously, if we’re going to rightly be upset about the Photoshopping of pictures of President Barack Hussein Obama, then we need to be equally upset about the Photoshopping of Republicans and those not on our political page as well.



  • i'm just amused by a 9-page letter on the size of one's penis. from a Republican.

  • What? I'm not upset with photoshops of Obama per se. If you are a public figure, get used to peoples on da Interwebs making fun of you. Some of them will have photoshop skilz. To not know this screams dumbass to me.

    This is a ludicrous comment and a position I can't support. I loves me some photoshops.

    PS – I don't care about the Mayor. I was just commenting on a blog post. So did you. Why do you care so much about Mayor Bendowdski?

  • Those mean people on the Internet made fun of me and I poured gasoline on the fire by writing a 9 page letter talking about my penis! Somebody call the Wahmbulance!

  • Shalom Eric,

    It is the taking issue with the substance and content of the 'shopped image I'm concerned about.

    But you know what? I'm such a rabid supporter of the First Amendment that I should have bit my tongue over this one.

    It was the non-politicalness and the cowardice of the person or persons not standing up and taking credit that peaked my ire, but you're right, it's all fair in politics and I've held too long to the principle that nothing is sacred.

    Two marks to both you and Tim.



  • We agree completely as to the taking credit for it. I'm not that big a fan of anonymity, especially when it comes to political speech. I say own your positions and your shots.

  • Amber

    He wrote a book?

  • Amber

    He wrote a book with a chapter about Justin Timberlake?!

  • Amber

    I avoided reading this post all day. Now, I'm just confused. So, he did write a book – about celebrities. http://www.poweroftheproclamation.com/

    The description of the book he provides on the site does not include anything about his penis. If I bought the book hoping for the “cool” stories he promised and then read about his penis…well, I don't know what I'd think, but I'd probably blog about it!

    And, if you must, check out the image for his second book (available in time for holiday gift-giving next year): he's topless.


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  • counted

    Here is a link to the picture. Enjoy http://contextualmusings.blogspot.com/2006/12/r

  • counted

    Here is a link to the picture. Enjoy http://contextualmusings.blogspot.com/2006/12/r

  • for real

    Kind of pathetic

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