To all the anti-war pacifists in my party.? Please remember the following.

No Democratic candidate for president in 2008 who advocated what you now advocate made it past the Iowa caucuses.

Not one.

If Barack Obama had changed his Afghanistan proposals, which he has held to, without variation, for more than 3 solid years, to what you now advocate, at any time while he ran for president, we’d now have President John McCain and Vice President Sarah Palin.

The Democratic Party electorate beyond this website didn’t just reject every presidential candidate advocating what you now advocate – that electorate buried them.

With good reason.? There is zero chance that a Democrat holding the position you advocate can win the presidency.


If you wanted to vote for the Afghanistan withdrawal you now advocate, no such candidate was on the ballot, because our Democratic Party REFUSED to put such a candidate on the ballot.

And if you decide that you did, in fact, vote for the wrong candidate, and would rather have stayed home than vote for a Democrat who advocated this position tirelessly, without variation, his entire campaign, that means that you would prefer to have VICE PRESIDENT SARAH PALIN than a Democrat in the White House.

Is that what you wanted?

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