The Columbus Dispatch recently published a series of articles on domestic violence in Ohio.

It’s one of the better things to come out of the Dispatch recently. And also one of the most disturbing. The articles deal not only with the horrible stories of domestic violence but also with the unbelievable statistics (e.g. “45 percent of all 75,000 domestic-violence runs by police end without an arrest”) as well as the lapses in legislation and law enforcement that allow serial abusers to avoid punishment.

With all of this real, serious, horrible domestic violence happening in Ohio I find it almost impossible to believe that Pam Geller continues to manufacture fake outrage over Rifqa Bary – a teenage girl who ran away from her home in Ohio and traveled to Florida to live with a guy she met on the internet – by claiming Rifqa was abused by her parents and is being treated improperly by the state, county and city employees who are charged with protecting her.

Geller claims that county officials and employees of Franklin County Children’s Services are holding Rifqa hostage against her will when she’s actually in foster care because she is a minor. Geller also claims that Rifqa is in horrible danger if she is returned to her home even though county officials have investigated Rifqa’s family and have found no evidence of any kind of abuse in the household.

As a matter of fact, Rifqa never actually said she was in any way abused. Just that her father got angry with her and threw her laptop on the floor. I have to admit, if I caught my 17 year old daughter chatting with some old, Jesus-freak from Florida on her laptop I would have skipped the floor entirely and tossed the damn thing in the trash.

There is only one reason Geller is interested in the story and that’s because the girl’s parents are Muslim and she has converted to Christianity. That’s it. Period.

If Geller really cared about helping victims of domestic violence- real victims who the system has failed – she’d be focused on this case out of Knox county that I heard about today.

In this case a woman who had been sexually assaulted by her mother’s boyfriend since the age of 9 delivered evidence of the rape: a series of letters talking about the rape sent to her by her rapist. The man was arrested earlier this year but when the case was presented the grand jury the prosecutor failed to read the man’s letters and the case did not proceed. The accused-rapist was released.

This is a real tragedy. A real failure of the system. Something to really get angry about. And it only gets worse.

This week the woman, with the help of the Justice League of Ohio, filed an affidavit with the Knox County Common Pleas Court to seek criminal charges against her attacker. But the affidavit has yet to be acted on because both the prosecutor (John Thatcher – the guy who screwed up the initial grand jury hearing) AND the judge (who could have already ordered the man arrested) are attending some sort of conference at the Hyatt in downtown Columbus all week.

You want to talk about the system failing a victim? This is a REAL story.

So where’s the outrage?

Nothing but silence from Geller and friends.

If you want to put together a rally for this real victim, Pam, I will be out there tomorrow standing next to you in front of the Knox County courthouse (or the Hyatt on Capital Square).

But if you’re just interested in coming to Ohio to push your anti-Muslim agenda, and you have no interest in helping Ohio’s real victims of domestic violence, then stay the fuck at home.