Add to the base pandering list one Jennifer Brunner. Jennifer decided to go the route of the panderers even before Obama’s speech, which she spent being featured at a women’s forum. We call that pot shots from the cheap seats. If you have a strong principled stand against the President’s plans in Afghanistan you might want to have a forum on that during an important speech.

Hell, if you had a principled stand against escalation in Afghanistan you might campaign against the candidate who said in the campaign that he’d do just that. Jennifer, if I remember correctly, didn’t do that. My recollection is she was a supporter of the candidate, now President, who said he’d send more troops to Afghanistan.

Where was the wringing of hands back then? Why the wringing of hands now? You want attention. I get it. Anti-war libs are jumping with joy. The GOP is attacking YOU and not Lee. I get all that. I also get that you are now one of the crowd who seems to have conveniently forgotten what this President specifically campaigned to do. A campaign you so vigorously defended at one point.

You need to take a broader look at this. There’s no real long term gain in staking out this position and hanging on to it. For every anti-war lib you gain you lose a moderate or pragmatic progressive.

Brunner’s latest release reads like a staffer got peanut butter in the chocolate. A release about using bailout money for infrastructure jobs (not a new idea) gets confusing when the campaign again takes a shot at Obama:

President Obama informed the American public the next day that he plans to deploy 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan with a definite timetable to begin withdrawal, starting in July of 2011. Despite the future promise of relief, I would rather have our soldiers building bridges and schools right here in Ohio than in Afghanistan.

Earth to Jennifer Brunner. Soldiers are trained to fire weapons at targets, not pour concrete. You can argue all you want about bailout money, stimulus funds, and infrastructure improvements. All good stuff and it’s hard to disagree with your call to focus on main street instead of wall street (hmmm, where have I heard that before!?). What you should stop doing is trying to get more mileage out of your break with the President on Afghanistan. It’s starting to look pathetic.