When Jennifer Brunner announced her candidacy in February in a thread at BSB, I asked her point blank about a troop increase in Afghanistan.

Jennifer, as a US Senator, you will be an integral part of the foreign policy decision making of the country. What is your vision of the US role in the world going forward, and specifically, how would you vote on troop increases to Afghanistan?

Here’s Jennifer’s answer, titled “The Resurgence of Al Qaeda”

The resurgence of al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan is the greatest threat to our national security. I would support a troop increase in Afghanistan and work with the White House and Congressional leaders to expand our NATO allies? troop presence in Afghanistan. We must also work with the Afghan government to help revitalize Afghanistan?s economy and provide more opportunities for Afghani citizens.

So who got pandered to, Jennifer?? Me in February, or the pacifist crowd now?

UPDATE – I’ve posted this at Kos, with additional thoughts.

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