[Note: This is the 5,000th post here at Plunderbund. Ironically enough it is not really about politics. also ironic – and typical – is that it blew up in comments. Very Plunderific! YaY milestones!]

Should Powerful Men Not Get Married? My TV-boyfriend Dylan Ratigan thinks so.

His theory is that men with power – in this case Tiger Woods because he’s a celebrity worth $1 billion – should not get married because they are in too many situations where they will be tempted to sleep around. These men constantly have women “making themselves sexually available” to them. (If taken literally, this statement makes me laugh.)

So, he thinks these men should just not commit to one woman by getting married.

I get the argument, but it’s also a very sad statement about men and their abilities to control themselves and live up to their commitments. (And, yes, it is also a sad statement that some women have no problem sleeping with married men.)

Men of Plunderbund, what do you think?

UPDATE: Here’s the video of Dylan making his argument.

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