In the past week, two things happened which further proves that Jennifer Brunner will be our US Senate nominee in 2010.? Lee Fisher pandered to the base on Afghanistan, proving to us all that he believes he has a primary, and the GOP yawned, attacking Brunner over Afghanistan instead.

Lee’s done.? It must suck to know that you’ve raised all this money, collected all these endorsements, and Republicans are signaling in everything they do that your primary opponent is their general election opponent.? The GOP isn’t even attacking Lee over jobs, despite the sitting duck he clearly is on the issue.? Because if the GOP attacked Lee over jobs, they’d be doing Jennifer Brunner a favor.

More interestingly, Lee’s entry into the Issue 6 clusterfuck in Cuyahoga County is rapidly, predictably turning into a Cleveland racial politics morass.? That’s eventually going to bite Lee on the ass.? Hard.? Like every pol who doesn’t know squat about Cuyahoga County politics, Lee saw some polling that said Issue 6 was gonna win, and treated it as a no-brainer, can’t lose, clean pander.? But like all things Cuyahoga, Issue 6’s passage was merely the starting gun for a house of mirrors scramble through the Escher drawing that is Cleveland’s racial minefield.? Lee Fisher just walked through Door Number 1.? By the time he walks out the other side, he’ll have more knives sticking out his back than a pin cushion.

Lee should just drop out and save himself the further embarrassment of spending all that money only to lose.

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