Anyone who’s been over to my place knows that there are largely four channels on my TV – wherever the Cavs are playing, MSNBC, the occasional PBS doco, and TCM.? I learned last night that this month’s Star of The Month on TCM is Humphrey Bogart.? Which means I’m gonna be watching TCM a lot this month.

One of last night’s Bogart movies was Dead End (1937), a supremely photographed movie, which at times feels like an art piece – every scene could be a poster in a bookstore.? It’s also a very Depression era movie, lots of rags vs. riches, desperation, yearning to escape, chasms between wealth and poverty.? And of course, the Humphrey Bogart gangster, the typecast he was stuck with until? Casablanca made him timeless.? (Which is on Dec. 16).

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