And the story keeps developing. 

According to today’s Cleveland Plain Dealer, there is a discrepancy emerging in the NAACP ranks about exactly when NAACP President/Call & Post “legal advisor” George Forbes made the decision to cancel last night’s scheduled NAACP meeting in which the organization would consider taking action regarding the Call & Post‘s depiction of State Senator Nina Turner as an “Aunt Jemima.”

Forbes claims he made the decision to cancel it because of the holiday season (only 24 days until Christmas, after all!) last week.  However, NAACP Executive Director Stanley Miller said that Forbes called him yesterday afternoon to cancel the meeting.  Frankly, Miller seems far more credible as there is no evidence to support Forbes’ contention that the decision was made last week before the Call & Post cartoon controversy erupted.

In fact, Forbes himself betrays his own B.S. when he goes on to say why thinks the NAACP should stay out of the controversy altogether:

Forbes, the long-time president of the Cleveland NAACP, also argued Tuesday that cartoon has nothing to do with his role at the NAACP.

“This is about the paper,” he insisted.

Get that?  The NAACP shouldn’t get involved because this is about the hat he wears at the paper, not his role at the NAACP.  Except, of course, the organization really should consider the wisdom of having as its President someone who would use such racially derogatory language in describing another African-American leader in the community.

I mean, Forbes isn’t really suggesting that because he had his “paper” hat on this isn’t an issue for the NAACP?  I seriously doubt, and most of the commenters on the Plain Dealer‘s website apparently agree, that Forbes would be so cavalier if a media outfit wholly unrelated to him or the NAACP presented Forbes in such a matter, he’d be arguing that it’s not the concern of the NAACP to take action.

Today, Call & Post was supposed to address this controversy on tits front-page.  An Internet version of it is not yet  available (ironically, Call & Post‘s material is posted on the same site as the Plain Dealer).  It remains to be seen if Forbes intends on throwing down water or gasoline on this racial fire he started.

I can’t tell exactly which it will be, but I’d note that water normally doesn’t give off fumes.