Imagine that. Sarah Palin’s “Bus Tour” is a big fake.

Of course it is.

While having a belated Thanksgiving dinner over the weekend at my in-laws’ house my mother in law told me a friend had seen the Palin bus behind their house parked behind a Target. The day before the Columbus signing.

Odd, huh? Then I read all the ruckus online about how Palin is not actually traveling across country on a bus doing a book tour:

It seems now that Palin hasn?t been on the bus, except for short hops between local airports and hotels and book-signing sites. Instead, as first reported by the Alaskan blog Palingates, she?s apparently been aboard UJT750, the Gulfstream American twin-jet that she first boarded at Westchester County airport shortly after noon on November 18, bound for Grand Rapids, Michigan, and the first stop on her tour.

So when Tim and I went to check out things the day after filming some book tour campers and saw the big bus pull up just before signing time in front of the Border’s, Palin most likely wasn’t even on it. She certainly hasn’t been on it the entire time on any kind of “bus tour” of the heartland. That trip from a Target down the street to Border’s must have been tough!

The sycophants get duped again! Boy, she sure has a great con going on and supporters are probably none the wiser. In fact, I KNOW they are none the wiser. I was there!

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