From the daily archives: Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Here’s an interesting post from Cleveland Magazine Politics.  It notes, for the first time I’ve read, that the predominately African-American precincts also favored Issue 6, so the criticism of Turner over her support is not likely to translate to problems with her getting support from African-American communities.  After the break, Plain Dealer columnist Phillip Morris notes an interesting precedent that makes Call & Post‘s treatment of Turner hypocritical.

Meanwhile, the Plain Dealer reports that Cleveland City Councilmen Eugene Miller and Kevin Conwell gave unqualified criticism of Call & Post‘s racist editorial cartoon:

Despicable,” said Miller, a young Democrat […]

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This is the editorial cartoon accompanying this week’s article in Cleveland’s Call & Post attacking State Senator Nina Turner for her support of county reform Issue 6 instead of the “Old Guard” African-American leadership/union back Issue 5.? Amazingly, the article states:

Lastly, Nina Turner should stop telling the lie that Black leaders have threatened her. When asked by this newspaper who issued such threats, she refused to answer.

Senator Turner didn’t need to answer.? Your column is graphed with a depiction of an accomplished, intelligent, political leader as an ignorant, ebonic speakin’, house slave.? It’s pretty obvious […]

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Dick Cheney has no business talking about “dithering” in Afghanistan or to criticize any Administration for projecting weakness, unless that reporter is willing to call Cheney out for his hypocrisy.

Today, Politico unflinchingly reported Cheney’s criticism of Obama’s Afghanistan policy on the eve of Obama’s address to the nation to announce the policy.? Of course, every major news outlet seized the report and – yet again – presented Cheney as an objective, valid critic.? The Today Show actually had Karl Rove, who has NO foreign policy credentials at all (he is at best, a domestic policy/political wonk) to […]

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I couldn’t sleep at all last night, posted a diary at Kos, got so depressed I finally fell asleep, and this morning, it’s on the rec list.? It’s depressingly predictable.? But here’s the diary.

All people who run for office, every single one, somewhere in their deepest soul, believe they are destined to be president one day.? It is in their DNA to expect that the decision facing Barack Obama today not only must, but should, be theirs.? That has never applied to Barack Obama.

The cliche which describes this truth holds that you have to be a little […]

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