Lee Fisher gets his MoveOn on:

“Keeping America safe is our most sacred duty. That?s why I believe we must continue to aggressively target al-Qaeda and destroy terrorist networks around the world that threaten our nation.

“But defeating al-Qaeda does not require 30,000 additional troops be sent to Afghanistan. As those on the ground have said, stabilizing Afghanistan and preventing al-Qaeda’s return requires training tens of thousands of additional Afghan forces, building a broad-based, coalition government with the legitimacy to lead and a crackdown on corruption by the Karzai government. Placing more American soldiers in harm?s way will not move us closer to achieving those goals.

“Only when Afghans are defending their own nation will we see a stable and secure Afghanistan.”

Oh for fuck’s sake Lee. Did you even listen to the speech or was this written sometime today when you read Brunner’s piece? Whoever wrote that last line needs to be fired. Now.

Brunner? She’s at a women’s forum. I guess she did her reaction preemptively.