So, what do you do when your NAACP President, George Forbes, is viewed as being responsible for Call & Post‘s depiction of State Senator Nina Turner (D-Cleveland) as “Aunt Jemima?”

Well, you let the NAACP President cancel the meeting to discuss it, of course.

From the Cleveland Plain Dealer‘s Mark Naymik (who’s been on top of this story):

“He said he didn’t want to have a meeting because it is getting into the holidays, that kind of thing,” [NAACP Executive Director Stanley] Miller said. “That’s the president’s call.”

Yes, because it’s only 24 days until Christmas.

So, I guess the racists in Cuyahoga County are free to let the freak flag fly this month because the NAACP apparently has taken the month off.  The Tea Partiers will be so happy.

Does the NAACP’s Bylaws really let the President cancel a meeting when the top agenda item is, well, the President?

Funny how it wasn’t until the past hour that Forbes suddenly realized it was the holiday season.  What a shameless coward.