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For a few weeks now John Kasich has been pushing his “2,010 for 2010” fundraising plan via email, online ads and through his website. Hell, his (second) wife even twittered about it last week.

The goal of this campaign is to get 2,010 people to donate $20.10 each to Kasich’s gubernatorial campaign in the month of November.

I keep trying to think of some clever fundraising strategy into which this plan would fit, but I keep coming back to the same conclusion: John must be really desperate for money if he’s asking people for 20 bucks.

For John’s sake, […]

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[Disclosure:] I represent a client with a pending clemency petition with the Ohio Parole Board, but it is not any of the cases mentioned in this post.

Here’s today’s headline in today’s Columbus Dispatch: “Strickland frees killer he says is innocent.”

On its website, right below that story, they ask readers: “Do you think granting clemency to 78 people will affect the Governor politically?”

OMG!  How could Governor Strickland decide a case that was tried better than the prosecutor who tried the Defendant for murder and the judge that heard all the evidence and found the […]

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I like a good fake twitter account as much as the next guy. fake AP Style Book cracks me up.

But the fake Ted Strickland account I just found via a Naugle link has to be one of the worst I’ve ever seen. For example:

“I bet I could drink a bottle of bleach without dying.”

“I just saw Star Trek. It was great, and I’m not gonna lie. I never liked Star Trek Before.”

“I bet if I started wearing an eye patch other governors would to (sic). They’re all a bunch of copy-cats. You hear […]

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State Representative Todd Book announced that he was withdrawing from the race citing his growing legislative duties (he’s shepherding the legislation that is implemented the legislation to enact both Issues 2 & 3), but it likely has more to do with his less than impressive fundraising last quarter and the growing consensus that next year will not be a favorable environment for Democrats nationally, let alone in the Second Congressional district where Republicans outnumber Democrats.

Geoffrey Sea, Krikorian’s blogger, advisor, and biggest backer, is doing a victory lap.

Good for him.  He backed the candidate that will now be the […]

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I’m a former campaign hack, so despite my aspiration to think long term, I’m always thinking about the next election.? Pinning the blame on George W. Bush and through him Republicans for the economic nightmare we currently are fighting, and pinning that blame on Republican ideology once and for all, happens to merge those two approaches.? Democrats need to get better at it; fast for 2010, permanently for our country.

Short term, of course, this matters for the 2010 mid terms.? We ain’t turning a corner anytime soon, and voters will still be looking to lay blame.? Ted Strickland needs […]

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Ryann Guitar Anderson has been playing around Tremont ever since I can remember, and here’s one of his performances at the Literary Cafe’s Talk Show night, introduced by a very Cleveland-looking Richard Trainer, who’s been hosting the talk show for god knows how long.

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Josh Mandel For Student Council

On November 23, 2009 By

I can’t look at a picture of Josh Mandel with cracking up. Seriously. This guy is running for state-wide office…

Despite the fact that he looks like he’s 14 years old, Josh seems to be pretty serious about his campaign and, based on the multiple posts I read this week, he’s been working pretty hard campaigning across Ohio. His recent campaign-related travels around the state have totaled nearly sixty thousand miles so far, or so they say.

I was really hoping he’d stop by my house to ask for my vote but so far that hasn’t happened. When he […]

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What I’m thankful for

On November 23, 2009 By

With Thanksgiving week upon us, we’re all supposed to be thankful for stuff.? Which I guess is fine.? My last few Thanksgivings haven’t had much on that front, but this year is different, so here goes.

I’m thankful that my country is no longer ruled by a bunch of incompetent ideologue lunatics obsessed with sex organs, who destroyed the country so thoroughly none of us can even predict when we’ll emerge from the catastrophe.? That’s a big one!

I’m thankful that Lebron James is a Cavalier, which means that I get to watch the greatest athlete on the planet multiple […]

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The weekend editorial coverage of the Senate GOP’s inability to produce a package that would get the support of 17 State Senators (even though the GOP has 22 in its ranks) was universally negative.

The Columbus Dispatch (R-Columbus) strongly condemned the lack of leadership in the State Senate Republicans:

“Do the leaders of the Ohio Senate feel no obligation to the people they were elected to serve?

For the Senate to take off for a 12-day holiday, leaving undone the critical task of shoring up Ohio’s budget, is irresponsible.

The messy compromise plan found few […]

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This guy says he was camping out in Columbus and ended up at some other Palin book signing….we missed him.? Maybe he wasn’t suited up yet.? Via…who else….Wonkette.

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Tea Party: The Documentary Film!

On November 23, 2009 By

In a world…

LOL. Grassroots.

(h/t Fired Up! Missouri)

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