Joseph noted that the lead suspect in the massacre of four police officers in the State of Washington was someone that former Arkansas Governor/National Kasich endorser Mike Huckabee.

This is days after Kyle Sisk said that Strickland’s political career may be over because he granted clemency (not a pardon) to a man who spent twelve years for a murder both the prosecutor and the trial judge has concluded he did not commit.

Curiously, after first removing from the post a gratuitous reference to the wrongfully convincted inmate’s race, Sisk has now scrubbed the post entirely from his blog.

Kasich Huckabee

Kasich spent much of October touting Huckabee’s endorsement.

And yet, Kyle Sisk hasn’t said ONE WORD about the police killer Huckabee released early, not because he was actually innocent and over the vocal objection of prosecutors because of his age at the time of the offense.? Now, he stands accused of raping a child and murdering four police officers.

Sisk couldn’t even wait until an innocent man committed a crime before using his case as a means of attacking the Governor.? And yet, when John Kasich’s good friend turns out to have let out a guilty felon who went on to allegedly rape a child and murder four police officers?? Nothing.

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