It looks like the MSM has finally picked up the story about LetOhioVote.

Julie Carr Smyth, Ohio’s AP Statehouse Reporter, put out a pretty good piece today summarizing what I’ve been talking about for weeks – and then taking it a step further.

She covered my main point at the beginning: everyone involved in LetOhioVote is in some way associated with Ken Blackwell. She even mentions Norm Cummings (proof she’s been reading Plunderbund?)

And then she moves a little closer to answering the question we’ve all been trying to answer: who’s funding these guys?

Phil Burress/Citizens for Community Values? The Arlington Group? (both Blackwell affiliated) Even ‘Anti-feminist’ Phyllis Schlafly is a possibility.

Good guesses, Ms. Smyth. And a very good article.

But you did forget to mention one important question: WHY are they doing it?

And I’m still convinced the answer is REVENGE. Pure and simple.

Thanks for reading, Julie. And stay tuned. Plunderbund is full of great story ideas.