I’ve heard a lot of crazy theories that claim to prove the existence of God but this one from the nutjobs over at A Good Choice that uses Colonel Sanders (along with a bunch of random scientific measurements) as evidence that the Christian God exists has to be the most misdirected and poorly thought out example ever:


?The heavens declare His righteousness ?? (Psalm 97:6). Righteousness refers to a person?s uprightness or just moral character. So how can we see God?s moral correctness and justness by observing the heavens? Colonel Sanders said of the food chain he founded, ?We do chicken right?. He did chicken so right that he was practically a billionaire when he died. Many agreed with their money by purchasing his ?finger licken good? chicken. Righteousness then would be doing what you do correctly.

The author continues by rambling on about the size of the earth and its distance from the sun, etc. All PROOF that the Christian god made the earth and the sun and the ridiculously large universe just so a few humans could run around and worship him.

FYI: every single one of these arguments could also be used as proof that any god(s) from any religion also exist. Also proof that no god exists.

I mean I’m left wondering why the Muslim god gave them all the oil? Or the Hindu god gave them all the cool elephants? Or the Jewish god gave them control of Hollywood? And all the Christian god gave us was a bucket of greasy chicken.