From the daily archives: Sunday, November 29, 2009

TPM reports that Maurice Clemmons, the guy who is suspected of shooting and killing four police officers in Seattle today, had his 95 year prison sentence commuted by John Kasich’s best buddy Mike Huckabee.

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It looks like the MSM has finally picked up the story about LetOhioVote.

Julie Carr Smyth, Ohio’s AP Statehouse Reporter, put out a pretty good piece today summarizing what I’ve been talking about for weeks – and then taking it a step further.

She covered my main point at the beginning: everyone involved in LetOhioVote is in some way associated with Ken Blackwell. She even mentions Norm Cummings (proof she’s been reading Plunderbund?)

And then she moves a little closer to answering the question we’ve all been trying to answer: who’s funding these guys?

Phil Burress/Citizens […]

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I wander over to the teabagger websites on occasion, sometimes to see what they’re up to, sometimes to find opportunities to put lunatics on Youtube….and what did I see this morning on the Cleveland Tea Party Patriot blog?

Two of the videos on the Cleveland Tea Party Patriots’ blog video feed are teabagger videos I shot myself.? The teabaggers love me!!

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I’ve heard a lot of crazy theories that claim to prove the existence of God but this one from the nutjobs over at A Good Choice that uses Colonel Sanders (along with a bunch of random scientific measurements) as evidence that the Christian God exists has to be the most misdirected and poorly thought out example ever:

?The heavens declare His righteousness ?? (Psalm 97:6). Righteousness refers to a person?s uprightness or just moral character. So how can we see God?s moral correctness and justness by observing the heavens? Colonel Sanders said of the food chain he […]

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