John Kasich is having pretty good luck right now. He has the endorsement of his party and no serious primary challenger to contend with. On top of that, he’s got the shitty economy that he can blame on his opponent.

For a guy who left politics nearly a decade ago after running a horrible failure of a presidential campaign, he’s looking pretty good except for the lack of money thing and the fact that 70% of Ohioans don’t know him.

And even that second part – the part about people not knowing him – that actually could be viewed as an asset right now.

Kasich isn’t tied in the latest poll with Strickland because people like him. He’s tied because the economy blows and people tend to blame the incumbent for whatever problems they are facing. HE isn’t running at 40%. Not-the-current-guy is.

The trick now is to raise a ton of money so he can advertise the shit out of himself early and often. He needs to figure out the image he wants to present to the voters and then push that out ad nauseam. And that image needs to be centrist and moderate and reasonable and above all not wingnutty.

Unfortunately for John, he completely broke the don’t-be-a-wingnut rule in a recent interview when he promoted the teaching of ?creation science? in Ohio biology classes.

Creation Science? Seriously?

Are you going to teach that at our STEM schools, John? I can’t wait to see how well Ohio’s best and brightest high school students perform in college after being taught that the world is only 6,000 years old and man walked the earth with dinosaurs.

I have to admit I was actually starting to get a little worried Strickland might have a serious challenger on his hands. Not anymore.