I got an email from GOP Chairman Michael Steele tonight that had me clicking around on the GOP’s beta website. While there I came across this strange header logo image:


GOP “faces” it says next to the image.

Which is really weird because I never would have thought that a chubby, short haired white guy in a light blue button down shirt would be the face of the Republican party.

Never in a million years.

So I decided to click through on the “faces” link to see what other ethnically and racially diverse set of faces represents today’s Republican party. And guess what I found?


Obviously someone took the time to ensure that nearly half of the pictures were of women (even though the actual stats don’t play out like that). But they couldn’t find enough photos to include even one Asian (0%). And they only managed to find two African Americans (3%).

How’s that whole big tent thing working for you Mr. Steele?