I don’t ordinarily post about fundraising pitches, let alone post the entire content of such a pitch in my post (after the break.)  However, I think its noteworthy that the Ohio Democratic Party just sent out a fundraising e-mail from Senate Minority Leader Capri Cafaro (D-Hubbard) capitalizing on the Senate GOP’s complete inability to resolve the budget.

First, the Senate GOP gave the Senate Democrats unprecedented political relevancy by committing to a plan that would require their support.  Now, their failure to deliver a plan that the Democrats can support has made them look paralyzed by rigid ideology that leaves them unable to meet the simple demands of a governing party.

The Senate GOP’s handling of the budget with its childish political grandstanding while offering no real solutions is single-handedly giving the Democrats their best chance to substantially chip away at the GOP’s majority next year.

Not all fundraising appeals indicates that a side believes its winning, but I seriously doubt the Senate GOP is sending out emails saying “support us so we continue to make the Democrats politically relevant despite our massive majority so that we can help Governor Strickland implement most, but not all, of what he wants to do.”  Yeah, that isn’t a real winner for them.

Dear Friend,
The importance of electing more Democrats to the Ohio Senate has never been more obvious.

Instead of supporting a sound budget fix laid forth by Governor Strickland, passed by House Democrats, and supported by the business community, Senate Republican leaders decided they wanted to play politics.  Last week, they suggested that drilling for oil in state parks and taking away money from a fund to help the homeless were better alternatives to freezing income tax rates.

Their ?plan? was so egregious that they couldn?t even get their own members to support it.

Joe Hallett, Senior Editor of The Columbus Dispatch, said it best when he wrote, ?They’re [Senate Republicans] willing to risk the well-being of their constituents just to save their own hides. Never has a legislative majority tried so hard to avoid responsibility.”

As we approach the 2010 elections, I ask you to remember the importance of the Ohio Senate.   We know the importance of re-electing Governor Strickland, winning the other statewide offices, and maintaining the majority in the House.  However, that will only take us so far in advancing our agenda.

Unless we work together to rebuild a Senate Democratic majority, we won?t be able to make the kind of changes necessary to benefit the working families of Ohio.  The Senate Democratic Caucus has realistic opportunities to make gains next November, but we need your help to be successful.

Please visit www.ohiosenatedems.com to make a contribution, volunteer, and find out where our members and candidates are holding events throughout the state.  Thank you in advance for your support.

Capri S. Cafaro
Minority Leader
Ohio Senate Democratic Caucus