The video that launched a thousand camera carrying bloggers at the vapid soul of the conservative movement, which became the #7 Most Viral Video of the 2008 presidential campaign, and created an entirely new genre of cinema verite starring the most ignorant fools ever to engage in political discourse….the McCain Palin Mob, as of this post, is less than 400 views away from hitting 2 million.?? At the current rate of around 300-400 views a day (which is a bump thanks to last week’s Palin book signing fun) it will cross 2 million views by Thanksgiving.

Some more stats – the video now has over 44,000 comments, making it the #37 most discussed Youtube in the News & Politics category in the history of Youtube.? It was posted on October 9, 2008 – for you stat obsessives out there,? the graphic below is a snapshot of which websites contributed the most views immediately after upload.


You’ll notice the most referral traffic coming from HuffPo.? The biggest number on this list is the best one -? Other/viral.? And it just keeps going.

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