Apparently, conservative blogger Kyle Sisk thinks that Governor Strickland’s granting of clemency to an innocent African-American wrongfully convicted?of murder could be a political liability for Governor Strickland:

Granting clemency to murderers never sits well with the electorate.

Funny, they can be a little touchy about the subject…go figure.

For reasons that are painfully obvious, Sisk felt compelled to put a picture of Willie Nighten, Jr. on the post.? He calls him a murderer and says that Strickland’s grant of clemency to this black murderer could come back to haunt him if people like Nighten

go out and break the law over the next 346 days prior to next fall’s election.

Nighten was wrongfully convicted of a murder he likely did not commit.? That’s not my opinion, or just Governor Strickland’s; its the conclusion that was reached by the Prosecutor’s Office that had prosecuted him and the trial judge that convicted him.? In hindsight, they believed that convicted the wrong man, and ask the Governor to let him free.?

Sisk cannot be bothered with such details.? So instead, he puts up a picture of an African-American inmate, says the Governor just released this murderer, and gosh, let’s just hope this scary black man doesn’t rob, rape, or kill you before next November.

Note of the 78 examples he could have chose from, Sisk went with the African-American male who was convicted of murder.? It’s not a coincidence, it wasn’t an accident, nor was ignoring his innocence because Sisk’s post even links to the Columbus Dispatch article that mentions that Nighten, Jr. was innocent.

Absolutely disgraceful.

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